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Face-lift by acupuncture helps to slow down the ageing process. With age, skin becomes less elastic, collagen fibres decreases, muscles of the face weaken and lose tonicity, which create wrinkles.


Acupuncture acts against the sagging of the face, by toning platysma muscles. Implantation of acupuncture needles in specific areas of the face will bring about a natural reaction of it by mobilizing the blood and the energy and by activating cutaneous, subcutaneous, and muscular tissues. The action on vascular microcirculation and the mobilization of superficial energies are going to have an immediate effect with a significant improvement of complexion, of skin texture and tonicity of the face. The activation of platysma muscle by acting even more precisely on muscle tone in order to obtain a reduction of the wrinkle itself.


These different mechanisms will allow us to obtain a general improvement of the condition of the skin, the muscular tone of the face and a real diminution of signs of its ageing in a very natural way and increasing at each session. The indisputable effectiveness of these techniques leads to speak about face lift by acupuncture.


This treatment can be realised at any age with an effectiveness adapted to every period of life.


The objectives of face-lift by acupuncture


Intermediate between surgical face-lift and cosmetic creams, face-lift by acupuncture tones muscles, tightens the epidermis, and attenuates the wrinkles. More effective than cosmetic creams, it does not replace, however, surgical face-lift.

The action of treatments is preventive for people who have shallow wrinkles, and curative for the others whose wrinkles are already apparent.


The beneficiaries of face-lift by acupuncture


Whether you are a man or a woman, young or old, if you wish to enhance the appearance of your face and especially slow down the ageing, then you can use these treatments.


The progress of a session of face-lift by acupuncture


A session lasts approximately one hour and a half. A session begins with the placement of tiny sterile single-use needles left in place for twenty to thirty minutes and ends with a face-lift effect massage. The treatment is not painful, the sensation which accompanies the prick of needles can be considered as insignificant.


Rhythm of sessions


The number and the frequency of sessions are variable according to the age and the skin condition of the person. Generally, a minimum of five consecutive treatments at the rate of one every two weeks is advised. Afterward, it is recommended to continue regularly maintenance sessions.


Acupuncture has a natural action. It does not abrade or burn. It does not introduce any product into your face. It acts on the root cause: the muscle imbalance that causes wrinkles.

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