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Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is a very ancient ethno-medicine (more than 4000 years). It seeks to understand the human being as a whole, in its environment and at a particular moment. It aims to reestablish the internal balance and the flow of the energy in the organism.

It is a medicine that reinforces vitality, improves individuals and spots the energetic imbalances. The fundamental goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to maintain men balanced in their environment.

In China, it is a state medicine, that has, as for the modern medicine, its ministry, its universities, its hospitals and its research units. Chinese medicine created, after occidental medicine, the health system the most developed in the world.


The energy in Chinese medicine:

Traditional Chinese medicine leans on meridian’s theory, the Yin and Yang theory and the five elements. It has been developed by many generations of doctors and scientists. Meridians represents an energetic network comparable to a river system with its rivers, its tributaries... skimming all in the body. Once the energy flows freely, the person is healthy.

Once in impeded, the person gets sick. The practitioner of Chinese medicine strive to rebalance energetic flow by:

- Tuina Chinese massage

- Acupuncture

- Nutrition

- Qi Gong

- Chinese pharmacopoeia


«We don’t know the real if we ignore the cause» Aristote


Patient information


Traditional Chinese medicine can be preventive, which means improving the overall health of the individual and stimulate his constitutional resources: the goal being to avoid the most possible the emergence of diseases.

But it can also be therapeutic, in addition to allopathic treatments, or even in addition to other alternative medicines (osteopathy, chiropractic, naturopathy, aromatherapy, homeopathy etc...)

Traditional Chinese medicine reinforces the overall health, ease the patient from side effects of heavy treatments, improves the everyday comfort of patient suffering from terminal and chronic diseases.


No patient care is done only through traditional Chinese medicine, the purpose is only to complete the conventional medicine treatment, and the practitioner can refuse a patient if he believes it’s necessary.


No ongoing treatment must be disrupted without a medical advice, from the general practitioner or referred specialist even if there are less symptoms.

During the consultation, the patient is informed that none of the given diagnosis have medical value, that the analysis of the energy assessment has a therapeutic outcome only through the energetic practice.

The traditional Chinese medicine treatment doesn’t dispense from a medical treatment if there is one, but can complement it.

Care offered

Discover acupuncture and its history. You will find a detailed description of what happends during Fabrice Durand sessions. 


Acunpuncture can also be used on the face, Fabrice Durand learned the specific acupuncture spots in order to slow down aging. 


Not only acupuncturist, Fabrice Durand practie moxibustion, an chinese alternative medicine made with burned artemisia. 




You can go there blindly, he pays close attention and makes every effort for his patients thanks to his observation. He quickly realizes your imbalance and uses at the same time the techniques of the traditional Chinese medicine and the acupuncture. A balance sheet is made during the first appointment for a global care and a clear and effective action plan. His efficiency does not prevent the sweetness and the precision of its gestures.

Besides moxibustion, Fabrice Durand uses suction pads in order to favour blood flow. 


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