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The suction cups


In traditional Chinese medicine, suction cups are applied in specific locations corresponding to acupuncture points chosen according to the blockage: This means that the fundamental energy does not circulate any more or badly.


On oiled skin, the suction cup is immediately positioned and holds in place by suction phenomenon.


First of all, the phenomenon acts on the cleansing of the skin by aspirating impurities and toxins that clog pores. Being one of the emunctory organs of our body, the suction cup helps in its function by stimulating circulation and elimination.


Then tracking the physical and energetic nodes and undoing them, the suction cups release the deep tensions, strengthen the immune system and give back to the organs a greater oxygenation and nutritive circulation.


This aspiration creates a coloration on the skin but all this remains safe and transient and can last from a few seconds, minutes, hours to a few days.



Therapeutic interests :

Chinese suction cup restores blood circulation and, consequently, the energy of Qi. They are used not only for respiratory ailments and back pain, but also for skin problems, deep muscle tension, migraines, headaches, tendonitis, sprains, cramps and constipation.


The use of suction cups is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for more than 5000 years and brings a real optimization in the drainage of tissues. It offers a modern form of care with "new generation" suction cups.



The old grandmother's suction cup method, is fashionable to reduce pain but also cellulite...

Practised for thousands of years on all continents and in particular in China, this medicine has been "unjustly forgotten in the age of chemical medicine, sulfonamides and antibiotics, it needed to be updated to the practice of our contemporary medicine ».

Suction cups were used until the 20th century and disappeared in Western Europe while they were still practiced in Asia.


Suction cups: how does it work?


There are two techniques: hot suction cups, 90% of the practice and cold suction cups.

For the first (hot), the vacuum inside is made with the help of a flame then the suction cup is placed on a precise place of the body in relation to the pathology to be treated.

The second (by suction) is practiced with a bell and pump system that allows for greater therapeutic application.



What is the mechanism?


If one compares meridian traffic to a highway, the traffic jams on the highway represent body blockages.

"The suction cups are placed on the "jam" points to decongest. A migraine is a congestion, just like an arthrosis, a lumbago.

When the acupuncturist cannot prick, the suction cup is the first intention gesture that will relieve the patient and then allow care in the comfort of the client.

The result can be, sometimes, almost immediate. Without any harmfulness.



Suction cups: for which pathologies?

If we know here suction cups mainly in respiratory diseases (my grandmother, inter alia, put in the suction cups in cases of bronchitis), they have other major indications:

  1. pain relievers,

  2. energy in Chinese medicine,

  3. mechanical and circulatory by decongestive phenomenon of an organ.


In all painful pathologies, depending on where the suction cup is placed, the mechanism that is triggered is different.


> In joint pathology, rheumatic, sciatic lumbo, gonarthrosis, periarthritis of the shoulder, sprain, tendonitis, suction cups have a fabulous indication.

> But also in functional, digestive and gynaecological visceral pathologies (menstrual pain, menopause).

> Migraines.

> ENT pathologies.

> And even in dermatology: psoriasis, acne, eczema, allergies...


In high-level athletes, ventousotherapy can provide "anti-fatigue, anti-stress and beneficial action for veno-lympathetic circulation, which strengthens the immune system.



And otherwise, finally: does it hurt?

Rather not. Real professionals in the trade have touch and knowledge. You don't beat evil with evil. Sensitive, possible, but not painful, never! It is counter-productive, the body will put itself in a position of resistance and not of healing, homeostasis.

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